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Our Real Estate Transaction Cycle™

‘Preparation’ & ‘Examination’ Stages: As you begin your journey through these two stages, you and your Strategic Alliances will begin to prepare your ‘Next Step’ plan that will serve as an outline for your real estate objectives. If you are thinking about obtaining a mortgage loan to acquire your real estate, take the time to examine, if applicable: your debt-to-income ratio; credit scores from Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian; available cash funds for a down payment; and, the required documentation to provide to a mortgage loan lender (tax returns with schedules, W-2’s or profit or loss statements for the last (2) years, (2) months of pay stubs from all employers, (2) months of bank statements, list of assets with their values; a letter of explanation to explain negative credit items, gaps in employment, or reduction in income; and, if applying for a VA loan, your proof of service and entitlement eligibility), before submitting your purchase offer to a Seller. After verifying that you have sufficient funds to cover the ‘cash’ portion of your property’s purchase price and/or obtained your lender’s mortgage loan ‘conditional’ loan approval, you are now ready to move forward with acquiring your real estate.

‘Acquisition’ Stage: You should have already received copies of ‘SAMPLE’ documents typically associated with a North Carolina real estate purchase transaction: Working With Real Estate Agents brochure, a Buyer’s Agency Agreement, Offer to Purchase & Contract, Questions & Answers on: Home Inspections, and, the Professional Services Disclosure & Election form from your Strategic Alliance (NC ‘Active’ Licensed Broker). During this stage, you and your Strategic Alliances may conduct several interior ‘walk-thru’ tours prior to narrowing down ‘possible’ available properties for purchase. Before submitting a purchase offer, re-review your purchase price cap; living space, garage, and acreage size; the proximity of the subject property from your employment, schools, associations, grocery stores, family, friends, and recreation venues; and whether or not you will be willing to pay a subdivision’s homeowner’s association dues. Make sure you understand that your monthly mortgage payment will include the loan’s principal and interest payment, the property’s real estate taxes and insurance premiums, homeowner’s association dues; and, additional lender’s premiums if your down payment is less than 20%.

‘Execution’ & ‘Preservation’ Stages: You and your Strategic Alliances will re-evaluate your initial ‘Next Step’ plan and began to execute to ensure that you are aware and taking the necessary steps required to protect, maintain, and maximize your real estate values. Continue to reach out to your Strategic Alliances for guidance and support; they will be a great resource for calculating and recommending how much to ‘reserve’ for capital improvements and unexpected, routine maintenance expenses.

This is also an opportunity for both DataKey By Alethea and your Strategic Alliances to provide extended, specialized services; demonstrating our ‘added-value’ component and enhancing your customer service experience.

‘Disposition’ Stage: For whatever reason(s) you have decided to dispose of your real estate: lack of liquidity, portfolio asset diversification, specifically devised, governing document’s age of attainment met or grantor’s directives, divorce, and, up-sizing or downsizing; remember to reach out and include your Strategic Alliances. They will be able to ensure that your transition to our ‘Disposition’ stage is carried out according to your overall objectives identified at the beginning stages of our Real Estate Transaction Cycle™.



You and your Strategic Alliances will discuss and outline your real estate goals and overall objectives.


You and your Strategic Alliances will perform due diligence by examining all associated real estate documents.


You and your Strategic Alliances will inspect, negotiate, and acquire real estate as identified in your overall objectives.


You and your Strategic Alliances will execute plans to ensure protection of your real estate values and ownership interest.


You and your Strategic Alliances will centralize your documents and preserve your real estate.


You and your Strategic Alliances will properly dispose of your real estate according to your overall objectives.