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RETXN Analyst

Alethea F. Nobles, BIC/REALTOR®, GRI, CPM®

Education Director of ppREp® Education Boutique

Our Vision & Mission Statement

To strategically align ourselves in a position that will allow us to properly acquire, preserve, and dispose of real estate according to our client’s overall objectives and goals.

To integrate our ppREp® Program into individual lifestyles and entities’ regulatory operations; thereby, resulting in an increased awareness of the importance of protecting real estate values and ownership interests within our communities.

“The protection of your real estate data is an important key to the preservation of your real estate values and ownership interest.”

Our Extended Support & Services

We are here for our Active/Retired/Veteran service members and their families: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Reserves & the National Guard. We know how challenging and stressful getting ready for a PCS move can be for all those that are involved in DoD’s relocation process; especially during peak seasons between December through February.

If you are expecting to receive or have already received your PCS orders and instructions from your Installation Transportation Office, we would value the opportunity to help you find the ‘right’ home, with the ‘right’ professional, at the ‘right’ time.