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ppREp™ Guest Speaker Forums

Reserve your seat today! Real estate professionals engaging and demonstrating their expertise in the following real estate topics:
Series I
Real Estate: Acquisitions & Knowing What You Own
Series II
Real Estate: Securing & Maintaining Value
Series III
Real Estate: Document Preservation
Series IV
Real Estate: Disposition for Future Generations

Real Estate Document Preservation

Organizing Your Real Estate Documents: 3-Steps

Step 1: Gather
‘Gather’ all real estate documents:

  • Purchase or Sales Agreement
  • Appraisal Report
  • Deed of Trust
  • Certificate of Satisfaction
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Asbestos & Lead Paint & Radon Inspection Report
  • Mold & Moisture Inspection Report
  • Well & Septic System Inspection Report
  • Land Survey or Plat
  • Home Inspection Report & Exterior Photo
  • Home Warranty Plan
  • Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection Report
  • Capital Improvement Receipt
  • Real Estate Tax Bill
  • Notice of Real Estate Assessment
  • Land Use Revalidation Notice
  • Homeowner’s Association Dues Notice
  • Occupancy Agreement
  • Property Management Agreement
  • Lease Agreement
  • Property Maintenance Agreement
  • Security System Agreement
  • Property & Liability Insurance Policy
  • Flood Insurance Policy & Elevation Certificate
  • Settlement Statement
  • Chain of Title Report & Deed
  • Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance
  • Proprietary Lease and Share of Stock

To download your FREE copy of our Real Estate Document Checklist, Click Here.

Step 2: Categorize
Sort Multiple Property Locations:

1st By State
2nd By City or County
3rd By Property Type
4th By Physical or Legal Description

Complete Description Label For Each Property Type
(Improved or Unimproved):


Enter Physical “911” Street Name
Enter Floor#/Suite #/Apartment#
Enter County
Enter City, State, and Zip Code


123 Preservation Avenue
Chesterfield County
Richmond, Virginia 23234


Enter Acreage, Legal Description, Rural Route#
Enter Tax Map# or Parcel Identification#
Enter County
Enter City, State, and Zip Code


555.27 Acres, “ppREp” Creek, North of SR 198
TM#004-67(B) & TM #004-69(A)
Gloucester County
Gloucester, Virginia 23061

Affix Completed Description Label To Document Indexing Sheet Separator


Step 3: Centralize

Use your assigned ppREp™ Username and Passcode to access your real estate documents centralized in our preservation ‘Portal Login’.


Youth ppREp™ Club

Youth ppREp™ Club

Our Youth ppREp™ Club Coordinators become inspired, strengthened, and empowered as they increase their knowledge and involvement with properly acquiring, preserving, and disposing of real estate.

They look forward to participating in our Guest Speaker ppREp™ Forums; coordinating membership enrollments; facilitating interactive study circles; organizing club activities; and, contributing their time with creating and distributing our quarterly newsletters.

Youth ppREp™ Club Enrollment

Accepting membership registrations from youths (ages 7 to 17) with a “C” grade average in school.

Send an email, with your name, direct contact number, and the age(s) of the youth(s) you are enrolling to: pprep123@gmail.com.

One of our Youth ppREp™ Club Coordinator will reach out to you to activate your Youth ppREp™ Club membership(s).

Reminder: Enrollment requests, for the benefit of minors, are to be submitted by their legal parent(s) and/or guardian(s).


Youth ppREp™ Coordinator's Benefits
  • Elevated Level of Self-Esteem & Pride
  • Enhanced Leadership,
  • Entrepreneurial, Communication & Organizational Skills
  • Effective Time Management Skills

“The creativity, resourcefulness and determination continue to shine – especially in our youths.”