ppREp™ Guest Speaker Forums

Reserve your seat today! Come out and listen to certified, real estate professionals as they engage and demonstrate their expertise in the following real estate topics:
Series I
Real Estate: Acquisitions & Knowing What You Own
Series II
Real Estate: Securing & Maintaining Value
Series III
Real Estate: Document Preservation
Series IV
Real Estate: Disposition for Future Generations

Real Estate Document Preservation

A 3-step process developed to assist you with organizing your real estate documents:

Step 1: Gather Real Estate Documents
‘Gather’ all real estate documents:

  • Purchase or Sales Agreement
  • Appraisal Report
  • Deed of Trust
  • Certificate of Satisfaction
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Asbestos & Lead Paint & Radon Inspection Report
  • Mold & Moisture Inspection Report
  • Well & Septic System Inspection Report
  • Land Survey or Plat
  • Home Inspection Report & Exterior Photo
  • Home Warranty Plan
  • Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection Report
  • Capital Improvement Receipt
  • Real Estate Tax Bill
  • Notice of Real Estate Assessment
  • Land Use Revalidation Notice
  • Homeowner’s Association Dues Notice
  • Occupancy Agreement
  • Property Management Agreement
  • Lease Agreement
  • Property Maintenance Agreement
  • Security System Agreement
  • Property & Liability Insurance Policy
  • Flood Insurance Policy & Elevation Certificate
  • Settlement Statement
  • Chain of Title Report & Deed
  • Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance
  • Proprietary Lease and Share of Stock

To download your FREE copy of our Real Estate Document Checklist, Click Here.

Step 2: Categorize Real Estate Documents
Sort Multiple Property Locations:

1st By State
2nd By City or County
3rd By Property Type
4th By Physical or Legal Description

Complete Description Label For Each Property Type
(Improved or Unimproved):


Enter Physical “911” Street Name
Enter Floor#/Suite #/Apartment#
Enter County
Enter City, State, and Zip Code


123 Preservation Avenue
Chesterfield County
Richmond, Virginia 23234


Enter Acreage, Legal Description, Rural Route#
Enter Tax Map# or Parcel Identification#
Enter County
Enter City, State, and Zip Code


555.27 Acres, “ppREp” Creek, North of SR 198
TM#004-67(B) & TM #004-69(A)
Gloucester County
Gloucester, Virginia 23061

Affix Completed Description Label To Document Indexing Sheet Separator


Step 3: Centralize Real Estate Documents

Use your assigned ppREp™ Username and Passcode to access your real estate documents centralized in our preservation ‘Portal Login’.


Youth ppREp™ Club

Youth ppREp™ Club
Our Youth ppREp™ Club Coordinators become inspired, strengthened, and empowered as they increase their knowledge and involvement with properly acquiring, preserving, and disposing of real estate. They
participate in our Guest Speaker ppREp™ Forums; facilitate interactive study circles; organize club activities; and, contribute their time and knowledge to our quarterly newsletters.
Youth ppREp™ Club Enrollment:

Accepting membership registrations from youths (ages 7 to 17) with a “C” grade average in school.

Send an email, with your name, direct contact number, and the age(s) of the youth(s) you are enrolling to: pprep123@gmail.com.

One of our Youth ppREp™ Club Coordinator will reach out to you to activate your Youth ppREp™ Club membership(s).

Reminder: Enrollment requests, for the benefit of minors, are to be submitted by their legal parent(s) and/or guardian(s).


Youth ppREp™ Coordinator's Benefits
  • Elevated Level of Self-Esteem & Pride
  • Enhanced Leadership, Entrepreneurial, Communication & Organizational Skills
  • Effective Time Management Skills

“The creativity, resourcefulness and determination continue to shine – especially in our youths.”