"Value goes beyond the structure."

Preparatory Process for Real Estate Preservation 

ppREp™ Program

An educational program that teaches the importance of preserving real estate values and ownership interest prior to disposing of real estate:

  • Real Estate Transaction Cycle™
  • Real Estate Document Preservation
  • 4-Series Guest Speaker Forums
  • Youth ppREp™ Club

ppREp™ Services

While you are focusing on your overall objectives, our Real Estate Transaction Analyst, serving as a liaison between you and your Strategic Alliances, will provide you with ‘back office’ real estate support services.

Assisting with the less complex, ‘day-to-day’ administrative tasks, associated with acquiring, preserving, and disposing of real estate, as you advance forward through our Real Estate Transaction Cycle™:

  • Set up of real estate administration files for individuals and small firms.
  • Gathering, categorizing, and centralizing real estate documents in a preservation portal.
  • Set up of new utilities and/or updating existing service providers’ accounts.
  • Re-organizing, after natural disasters, to mitigate clutter, stress, and liability exposure.
  • Providing annual, real estate exterior photos.

Strategic Alliances

  • Family & Friends
  • Attorney & Title Company
  • Financial & Investment Advisor
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Land Surveyor
  • Agricultural Specialist
  • Well & Sewage Disposal System Specialist
  • Landscaping & Irrigation Specialist
  • Architect & Developer & Contractor
  • Electrical & Mechanical & Plumbing Specialist
  • Security System Specialist
  • Inspection Specialist
  • Appraiser & Broker
  • Property & Liability Insurance Agent
  • Elevation Surveyor & Flood Insurance Agent
  • Termite & Pest Control Specialist
  • Environmental & Remediation Specialist
  • Reorganizing & Staging Specialist
  • Property Manager
  • Photographer

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