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Preparatory Process for Real Estate Preservation®

ppREp® Program

An educational, ‘added-value’ tool that teaches the importance of (1) properly acquiring real estate, (2) protecting your real estate data, and (3) preserving real estate values and ownership interest prior to disposing of real estate:

  • Real Estate Transaction Cycle™
  • Real Estate Document Preservation
  • 4-Series Guest Speaker Forums
  • Youth ppREp® Club

“Value goes beyond the structure.”

ppREp® Services

Real Estate Transaction Analyst & Consultant

Alethea F. Nobles, Real Estate Transaction (RETXN) Analyst provides Executors and Trustees, with real estate ‘back-office’ administrative, consultation, and brokerage support services, while they continue to focus on their fiduciary clients’ overall real estate objectives.

Assisting with the less complex ‘day-to-day’ administrative tasks associated with acquiring, preserving, and disposing of real estate as they advance forward through our Real Estate Transaction Cycle™.

When you are ready to learn about more about our ppREp® consultation services and how to start integrating into your existing fiduciary administration platform, please click on our ‘Contact Us’ tab to set up a conference call.

North Carolina Brokerage & Consultations

As an exclusive Seller-Agent or Buyer-Agent for Executors, Executrix, Administrators, Trustees, entities, and individuals seeking to sale or purchase real estate in North Carolina, DataKey By Alethea is available for hire and will always adhere to our fiduciary duties: promise to promote your best interest * be loyal to you * follow your lawful instructions * provide you with all material facts that could influence your decisions * use reasonable skill, care and diligence and * account for all monies that are handled for your benefit.

Online Continuing Education

Virginia Brokerage ‘Referral’ Services

As a licensed Virginia Salesperson, Alethea is affiliated with CTI Real Estate Company, Inc., a brokerage firm operating under three (3) primary divisions: CTI Real Estate, CTI Property Management, and CTI Relocation. If you are planning to sell, purchase or lease real estate in the Commonwealth of Virginia, please contact Alethea directly and she will connect you to one of their 50+ professional real estate specialists.

Strategic Alliances

  • Family & Friends
  • Attorney & Title Insurance Company
  • Wealth Planner & Financial & Investment Advisor
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Mortgage Specialist
  • Land Surveyor
  • Agricultural Specialist
  • Well & Sewage Disposal System Specialist
  • Landscaping & Irrigation Specialist
  • Architect & Developer & Contractor
  • Electrical & Mechanical & Plumbing Specialist
  • Security System Specialist
  • Inspection Specialist
  • Appraiser & Broker & Realtor
  • Property & Liability Insurance Agent
  • Elevation Surveyor & Flood Insurance Agent
  • Termite & Pest Control Specialist
  • Environmental Consultant & Remediation Specialist
  • Reorganizing & Staging Specialist
  • Property Manager
  • Photographer