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Real Estate Transaction Cycle™

‘Preparation’ & ‘Examination’ Stages: As you begin your journey through these stages, you will have the opportunity to ask and discover the answers to some of your conversation-starter questions: “Why do I want to and when do I plan to acquire my real estate? Have I determined my financial ability to acquire and preserve real estate (obtained your lender’s tri-merge credit conditional-approval letter)? Have I decided where to acquire (e.g. state, city, county, town, neighborhood or street location)? Will I acquire unimproved or improved real estate (e.g. residential, agricultural, commercial)? Have I decided if my real estate will be for owner-occupancy; or, an investment for income appreciation and portfolio diversification?  Will I have to engage a property management firm to assist with the ongoing maintenance of my real estate? Will I have time to examine all of the associated, real estate documentation; and, to perform recommended due-diligence prior to acquisition? This is a perfect time for you and your Strategic Alliances to discuss and outlined your real estate goals and short/long-term objectives.

‘Acquisition’ Stage: You and your Strategic Alliances will move forward with initiating and executing your outlined objectives: inspect, negotiate, and acquire your real estate within your specified time-frame.

‘Execution’ & ‘Preservation’ Stages: Now that you are a real estate owner, you and your Strategic Alliances will evaluate your recent acquisition to ensure that your ownership interest conveyed properly according to your outlined goals and objectives identified in our ‘Preparation’ & ‘Examination’ stages. Until you decided to dispose of your real estate, you will want to set a reminder ‘tickler’ to ensure that you are taking the necessary steps to protect your real estate values. Your Strategic Alliances will be a great resource for determining how much ‘reserve’ funds to set aside for those unexpected, routine, and capital expenses. Our Real Estate Transaction Analyst can provide support with preserving your real estate documents into our on-line portal.

As long as you own your real estate, continue to reach out to your Strategic Alliances for guidance and support during our ‘Preservation’ stage. It is during this stage that your Strategic Alliances will be able to provide their specialized services; demonstrate ‘added-value’; and, enhance your overall experience with acquiring real estate.

‘Disposition’ Stage: When it is time for you to dispose of your real estate, remember to include your Strategic Alliances. They will be able to ensure that your transition to our ‘Disposition’ stage is carried out according to your overall objectives identified at the beginning stages of our Real Estate Transaction Cycle™.



You and your Strategic Alliances will discuss and outline your real estate goals and overall objectives.


You and your Strategic Alliances will perform due diligence by examining all associated real estate documents.


You and your Strategic Alliances will inspect, negotiate, and acquire real estate as identified in your overall objectives.


You and your Strategic Alliances will execute plans to ensure protection of your real estate values and ownership interest.


You and your Strategic Alliances will centralize your documents and preserve your real estate.


You and your Strategic Alliances will properly dispose of your real estate according to your overall objectives.