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DataKey By Alethea
Alethea F. Nobles, BIC/Realtor/ppREp™ Founder
Real Estate Transaction Analyst

With over 22 years of hands-on-experience in the fiduciary, real estate asset management industry.

(804) 304-7514 or pprep123@gmail.com


“The protection of your real estate data  is an important key to the preservation of your real estate values and ownership interest.”

Our Vision

To strategically align ourselves in a position that will allow us to properly acquire, preserve, and dispose of real estate according to our overall objectives.


Our Mission

To make our ppREp™ Program available, as an educational resource tool, for increasing awareness of the importance of preserving real estate for future generations.

NC Real Estate Brokerage Services

If you are seeking to sell or purchase North Carolina real estate in 2020, please consider hiring and authorizing DataKey By Alethea to represent you as a Seller’s Agent or Buyer’s Agent (if you are not already represented by another NC real estate firm). In return, we promise the following: to promote your best interest * be loyal to you * follow your lawful instructions * provide you with all material facts that could influence your decisions * use reasonable skill, care and diligence, and * account for all monies that we handle for your benefit. When you are ready to move forward to the Acquisition or Disposition stages of our Real Estate Transaction Cycle™, please